As an IT professional I am extensively experienced in unices administration, networking and security. I am familiar with variety of unices based on the Linux OS and plenty of Internet services, protocols and standards too. Information security and performance have been primary interests of mine as well as computer science in general. Free and open source software (FOSS) has been (among other personal and technical interests) one of my favourite priorities since I have got my first computer. Therefore my insight in this area is deep.

Biographical Information

  • Matouš Jan Fialka
  • born 18 July 1979 in Prague, Czech Republic
  • male


Philosophy and Anthropology

General Certification of English Language


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)


Entrepreneur (freelancer since Apr 2021)

For Hire!

  • Linux administrator
  • Postgres DBA
  • technical specialist (expertize in many areas; see below)

Casablanca INT a.s. (employee since May 2020)

Job Overview

  • CSIRT lead
  • CA manager
  • technical specialist
  • server administrator
  • cloud operator
  • telehouse center operator

Casablanca INT s.r.o. (employee since May 2005)

Historical Note

In May 2020 Casablanca INT s.r.o. was legally renamed to Collabrains s.r.o. while being acquired by SIC s.r.o. and then transformed into Casablanca INT a.s. founded to take further care of IT-related parts of the original portfolio.

Job Overview

  • DBA (Postgres)
  • CSIRT lead
  • CA manager
  • system architect
  • server administrator
  • cloud operator
  • telehouse center operator
  • MAN administrator
  • NOC dispatcher


  • Czech (native)
  • English (proficient; C1 level)
  • German (intermediate)
  • Chinese (beginner)

Technical Experience


Extensive experience with the configuration, security assessment, hardening, performance optimization, monitoring, debugging and overall maintenance of diverse Linux OS distributions, notably:

Proficient in setting up Linux OS infrastructure components, notably:

Minor experience also with ☆BSD OS family including FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Used to troubleshoot technical issues in high pressure situations.


Cognizant of common Internet protocols specifications and a great many of IETF RFC.

Experienced in the configuration and securing LAN components. Familiar with many routing or switching hardware vendors, notably:

  • Cisco ®
  • Juniper ®
  • Huawei ® and H3C ®
  • MikroTik®

Scripting, Programming and Templating

Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

  • SQL (ISO/IEC 9075:2016, or simply SQL:2016)
  • Flux (InfluxDB OSS 2+) and InfluxQL (InfluxDB 1.x)
  • PromQL (Prometheus)

I also understand several metasyntax notations and master regular expressions of various kinds.

Technical Interests

  • Linux® (kernel)

    • security hardening and auditing
    • debugging, tracing and logging
    • process and user isolation
    • performance tuning and resource management
  • virtualization and containers

    • KVM
    • LXC, Kubernetes
  • distributed filesystems

  • programming languages


I am constantly interested in science, philosophy and technology. Classical music, modern jazz, arts and literature are essential interests of mine too. I like to travel and occasionaly take photographs with my Nikon ® FM2 35 mm film SLR camera. I love to spend my spare time with my family.